A Matador Minute with Kevin Guppy

Nov. 19, 2008

How did it feel when you found out that you were named Big West Co-Goalkeeper of the Year?

I was surprised actually. I know that the other winner of the award had some strong statistics, but I think that I had a solid year as well. During the season, opposing coaches would come up to me and tell me that they would vote for me at the end of the season, which is great to hear, and humbling at the same time.

Looking back at your senior season, what were some of the moments or highlights that stood out?

Being able to come-from-behind and earn points was fun to be a part of. Playing Creighton at their place, and UCLA on their field was quite an experience since both teams are extremely competitive.

Looking back at your four-year career here at Northridge, did you ever think you would accomplish as much as you have, and earned the level of success that you have worked so hard to achieve?

Even starting as a freshman, it was hard to take everything in at once. The coaching staff and my teammates made it easier to me to make the transition from high school to college, and just focus on my play on the field during both practice and in the game. I just wanted to help my team win and play hard in each and every match that I was in.

What were some of your goals during your first year at CSUN?

After my freshman year I had high hopes, and made it a goal of mine to help the team reach the playoffs and the Final Four. Being named Big West Goalkeeper of the Year during my freshman season was huge for me because it let me know that I was capable of competing at this level, and gave me the confidence to strive to be as solid a goalkeeper as possible.

What would be a couple highlights from your entire career here at Northridge?

Definitely my first game at Santa Barbara. It is a fun environment to play in. Another highlight would be when the team made it to the Sweet 16 (2005 season), even though we ended up losing in overtime. The atmosphere of the NCAA playoffs was unreal, and the exposure and recognition that brought our team was pretty exciting.

As the captain of the team this season, where did you learn the skills and characteristics needed to become an effective leader?

I do not think my leadership skills were natural because I consider myself a little bit of an introvert, but I have always been able to lead by example based upon the work I put in and the things I do. In terms of being a vocal leader, that was, and still is, tough for me. I will still speak my mind on occasion, but other guys do a better job in giving pep talks and hyping the team up.

Was it difficult balancing the rigors of class work, life as an athlete, and your personal time?

I do not think it was that difficult because I have been doing this my whole life, balancing school and sports that is. I was a three-sport athlete in high school, and was still able to focus on my education as well. I feel that I have been able to manage my time well. It does get difficult at times, especially towards the end of the semester, but nothing too overwhelming for me to handle.

Has it hit home that your collegiate career has come to an end?

It has not fully hit me yet; for a short time after our last game it kind of sunk in, but I am still around the school, my teammates, as the semester has progressed. Hopefully it will not be too emotional a process once it does sink in. It has been such a great four years, the best of my life so far.

Is here any one achievement that you are most proud of?

Being captain for two seasons was meaningful knowing that people are looking up to me. Even though it is not an accolade, it is flattering and I took it as a great honor. Holding all the records is good too, but being a captain was the best.

If you were not a goalkeeper, what position would you like to play?

I do not think I would be playing soccer at all! I started off playing center midfielder when I played AYSO, but I have always loved being a goalie. Goalkeeping is like a whole other sport to me.

Do you think it will be difficult for you when the next season begins with someone else playing your position?

I'll miss all the guys, the coaches, and life as a student-athlete, but I am not sure if I'll miss the midterms and papers though. I want to return to the classroom, perhaps earn my Master's or continue my studies in Fire Science since I would like to become a firefighter.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

I would just like to say thank you to all the faculty, fans, teammates, throughout my entire career. Thank you to the Athletic Department and SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Council) for creating such a positive environment to be a part of, and CSUN for providing such a wonderful opportunity to me. I especially want to thank my family, parents, and grandparents for supporting me; I think they have only missed a couple of games both at home, or on the road, during my entire time here. I have the best family out there, and thank them for all their love and support.

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