All Eyes Will be on the Northridge-UC Irvine Match This Weekend

Nov. 6, 2009

Games Scheduled for Saturday, November 7th

NORTHRIDGE at UC Irvine, UC Davis at UC Santa Barbara, and UC Riverside at Cal State Fullerton

*Kick-off for all three games will take place at 7:00 p.m.

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - With their thrilling 1-0 overtime victory against the Cal State Fullerton Titans last Wednesday, the Matadors stand as the only team in conhtrol of their playoff destiny as teams enter the final day of conference competition this Saturday.

CSUN has not yet clinched the remaining available spot that is up for grabs in this year's Big West Postseason Tournament as UC Davis and Cal State Fullerton still have a remost chance of extending their season depending on the outcome of the Northridge-UC Irvine game taking place Saturday evening at Anteater Stadium.

Kick-off is at 7:00 p.m., CSUN's final game of the regular season will be available on GameTracker on

Both the Matadors and the Anteaters need to win their match-up; a Northridge victory will give the team enough points to clinch the fourth spot while an Anteater victory will bump Cal Poly from their current position as the second seed and drop them to third place in the standings, giving Irvine an opportunity to host a first-round game.

With six teams keeping an eye on the action in not only their respective game, but the Matadors' game as well, below are all the possible combinations that can take place that involves Northridge.

- If Northridge wins, they are in the Big West Postseason Tournament and will compete at UC Santa Barbara next Wednesday as the Gauchos will compete as the #1 seed.

- If Northridge ties, they are in the Tournament.

- If UC Davis ties or loses their match at UC Santa Barbara, Northridge is in.

- If Northridge, UC Davis, and Cal State Fullerton all are defeated in their respective games, Northridge is in.

- If both Northridge and UC Davis lose, and Fullerton wins, Northridge is in. Fullerton and Northridge will be tied in the standings but CSUN holds the tiebreaker against the Titans.

As mentioned earlier, both UC Davis and Fullerton still have an outside chance of advancing, here is where everything becomes a little more complicated based upon the number of tiebreaker scenarios that are involved.

- If Northridge is defeated, UC Davis wins their game, and Fullerton either ties or loses their game, Davis advances as they hold the tiebreaker over CSUN based upon each team's total points versus opponents that both teams have played twice beginning at the top of the standings and working down. Each team's results in their two respective games against UC Irvine would give Davis the tiebreaker over CSUN. That is the only way UC Davis can advance.

- If Northridge is defeated and Fullerton wins their game, Fullerton will advance regardless of the outcome of the UC Davis-UC Santa Barbara game. HOWEVER if Northridge loses and they are able to score at least two goals, then Northridge can still advance based upon the total number of goals scored on the road. Going into Saturday's action Fullerton has seven road goals scored compared to CSUN's five. Two goals scored at UC Irvine by the Matadors will force a tie that will be broken by each team's goal differential in conference games as Fullerton's goal diferential going into Saturday stands at -4 compared to CSUN's -1. If Northridge is defeated and is able to score three goals on the road, then Fullerton is eliminated.

As complex as these tiebreakers seem, all Matador soccer fans need to know is this - a win or a tie and Northridge is in thanks to their win last Wednesday. If you are interested in following the action online, visit to listen to the UC Davis at UC Santa Barbara game live on the internet or to follow the Matadors-Anteaters game live on GameTracker.

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