CSUN Men's Soccer Staff Now Complete

Sept. 13, 2010

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - With the recent hiring of Javier Aguiniga, Andrea Cruz, Sheila and Zvi Friedman, Raul Marquez, Hillary Nadler, Arnulfo Sanchez, and Kyle Schmid the 2010 Cal State Northridge men's soccer staff has been finalized as announced by head coach Terry Davila.

A former student-athlete for the men's soccer team at UC Irvine, Schmid was recently selected as the Director of Soccer Operations. Responsible for the organization of activities that take place within the program, Schmid oversees the development of the team's practice schedule, tryouts, team selection, equipment, and will assist the efforts of his colleagues with the development and execution of the Northridge Soccer Academy's annual summer camp.

Returning for their third season as statisticians for the team, both Sheila and Zvi Friedman are responsible for all game-day data pertaining to nearly every Cal State Northridge regular season game.

With the help of a revolutionary program designed by the Friedmans themselves, quantifiable player efficiency is collected during each game they attend and organized for use by the coaching staff. With every touch of the ball, player position, and outcome of each play collected, various trends and tendencies of all 22 players on the field can be discovered and adjusted accordingly.

Returning for their second season as team manager are Marquez and Sanchez, a pair that now have additional team members joining them in 2010 to help manage the everyday administrative workload.

Aguiniga, Cruz, and Nadler may be new to the program, but all three have teamed up with Marquez and Sanchez to quickly become an efficient and talented squad of their own.

Whether it is the organization of agendas during each road trip, inventory of all uniforms and team equipment, implementation of all school and community events involving the team, or the organization of all special events involving the men's soccer team, this collection of student managers have enabled assistant coaches Yossi Raz, Peter Bomar, Zach Feldman, and head coach Terry Davila the opportunity to focus their efforts towards the student-athletes.

Behind every victory is a dedicated group of individuals whose primary purpose is to assist the coaching staff in any and every way as their ultimate goal is one that is shared by the players on the field and the coaches on the bench as well - doing what it takes to help bring the Big West crown back to Northridge.

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