CSUN Basketball Court Ranked Among Nation’s Bests

Northridge, Calif. – During the summer of 2012, a newly designed basketball/volleyball court at the Matadome was installed.

It was one of the many renovation projects to the 53-year-old home of Matador basketball and volleyball.

The design of the new court has enjoyed rave reviews. The website Bleacherreport.com listed the Matador court as one of the best designed courts in the country.

Cal State Northridge was ranked second-best in the nation behind Long Beach State in a story written by columnist Ryan Rudnansky

"The logo-within-a-logo at center court isn't a look that would work for every program, but Northridge's giant N does nicely here," said Rudnansky. "The court overall has a clean look that makes good use of CSUN's black-and-red color scheme. What lifts this one into the top-20 territory, though, is the extra Matador graphics on each baseline … It's a nice addition that's also thoroughly unique."

Other colleges and universities ranked in the Top-20 included Memphis (#4), Notre Dame (#6), DePaul (#8), Gonzaga (#9), Vanderbilt (#13), New Mexico (#15), Iowa (#16), Kansas State (#17), UCLA (#18) and Arizona (#20).

1. Long Beach State
2. Cal State Northridge

3. Idaho State
4. Memphis
5. Cal State Bakersfield
6. Notre Dame
7. Colorado State
8. DePaul
9. Gonzaga
10. Towson
11. UC Santa Barbara
12. Illinois-Chicago Circle (UCI)
13. Vanderbilt
14. SMU
15. New Mexico
16. Iowa
17. Kansas State
18. UCLA
19. Alabama-Birmingham (UAB)
20. Arizona


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