"Throw Harder, Hit Farther, Run Faster": Rousey Announces Northridge Baseball Camps Winter Schedule

"Throw Harder, Hit Farther, Run Faster": Rousey Announces Northridge Baseball Camps Winter Schedule
Northridge, Calif. -- Cal State Northridge Head Coach Steve Rousey has announced the Northridge Baseball Camps Schedule for the 2007-08 winter season. Highlighted by aggressive training, detailed and personal attention, and invaluable exposure to NCAA Division I baseball, Rousey's unique style guarantees campers will "Throw Harder, Hit Farther, and Run Faster".

Coach Rousey's robust camp schedule features six camps over the winter months.

"All campers will learn the secrets of our unique training methods for improving velocity, bat speed and power, and running speed," says Rousey. "Our guarantee is our motto: Throw Harder, Hit Farther, and Run Faster."

Rousey's training method stems from 20 years of coaching some of the country's finest collegiate players and promises an increase in throwing velocity of four to six miles per hour, an increase in bat speed of eight to ten miles per hour, and a drop of three to five tenths of a second in the 60 yard sprint.

Coach Rousey has created a healthy camp business based on this leading edge training and personal attention to campers and parents. He personally instructs the players along with his coaching staff and Matador players, and also leads frequent question and answer sessions with parents.

"My coaches and I get in the dugout to teach, laugh and get to the know the first names of campers," says Rousey. "Players and parents deserve the extra effort. It has also helped our camp business grow from beyond the Valley to around southern California and even to cold weather regions of the country, and has helped us find under-recruited players and hidden gems."

Nine current Northridge players and two committed recruits are Northridge Baseball Camp alumni, and every camper receives the opportunity to showcase their skills and effort for the Northridge baseball staff. Coach Rousey and Camp CEO Phil Van Horn, the Matadors' Volunteer Assistant Coach, are actively involved in club baseball with their two teenage sons. The Northridge camps reflect that understanding of club baseball, and campers have traveled from Santa Barbara to San Diego and from Seattle to Chicago to attend Northridge Baseball Camps.

For more information and complete camp schedule, visit NorthridgeBaseballCamps.com.

Showcase, Pitcher-Hitter & Youth Camp Schedule

Coach Rousey will host High School Showcase Games Camps December 26-28 and January 19-21. Rousey and his staff will host Pitcher-Hitter Camps for ages 13-18 on December 15-16 and January 12-13. There are Northridge Youth baseball Camps December 29-30 and January 26-27.

Here is the schedule:

15-16 Pitcher-Hitter Camp (ages 13-18)
26-28 H.S. Showcase Games Camp
29-30 Youth Camp (ages 5-14)

12-13 Pitcher-Hitter Camp (ages 13-18)
19-21 H.S. Showcase Games Camp
26-27 Youth Camp (ages 5-14)

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