Former Matador Lyman Bostock Featured In The Daily News

Sept. 23, 2008


Daily News article on Lyman Bostock

September 23rd marks the 30th anniversary of the tragic passing of former Matador centerfielder Lyman Bostock, an occasion remembered in an article written by columnist Jill Painter of the Daily News.

Bostock played two season for the Matadors before being drafted by the Minnesota Twins. He played two full seasons, and contended for the American Leage batting title in both years, losing out to george Brett in 1976, and Rod Carew in 1977.

As a free-agent, Bostock became one of the the first players to sign a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract under Major League Baseball's new free-agency era with the California Angels.

Bostock never did finish his first season with the Angels as he was tragically killed in Gary, Indiana while visiting his family. 


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