Larry O'Connor
Larry O'Connor
Phone: 677-4781
Position: Analyst

Larry O'Connor returned to the office of Academic Services for Student Athletes as the Administrative Support Coordinator before the start of the 2010-11 academic year. He had previously worked in the office as an Emergency Hire in the Fall of 2008.

Larry provides the office, students, staff with all the clerical, purchasing, time and labor management along with a host of other duties. He directly works with Mandie McConkey and Brett Sanders in supporting the Mentoring & Tutoring programs, as well as inventory control and logistical issues.

Prior to joining the Matadors, Larry worked for the 19 months in the Office of Admissions & Records where he learned a great deal about the mechanics of, procedural approaches and University policy. His time in Admissions and Records, his fluency in American Sign Language, and his five years in the University Testing Center make him a valuable resource and further strengthen the ASSA Office in the working knowledge and varied services offered.

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