NCAA Certification Self-Study

Every Division I Athletics program is required to conduct a "certification" process every 10 years to ensure that their athletics program is functioning in compliance with the NCAA Operating Principles listed in the Resources portion. 

NCAA Self-study Report Available Online

This is the final draft of the self-study report submitted January 15, 2009. The subdivisions below correspond to NCAA "operating principles" specified for the self-study, and each section consists of several standard questions and campus responses. Please note that there are several "links" in these documents. If a link does not open immediately when you click on it, please copy and paste it into your Web browser.

Your comments on this report are welcome. Please send comments to:

Dr. Robert Barker
University Controller & Associate VP for 
Financial & Accounting Services
Chair,NCAA Certification Steering Committee




   1.1 - Introduction to Self-Study

Operating Principles:

   Governance and Compliance

   1.1 - Governance

   1.2 - Rules Compliance

   Academic Integrity

   2.1 - Academic Standards  

   2.2 - Academic Support

   Evaluation of Academic Support Services 

   Equity & Student-Athlete Well-Being

   3.1 - Gender Issues    

   3.2 - Minority Issues

   3.3 - Student-Athlete Well-Being

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