NCAA Certification Self-Study

Every Division I Athletics program is required to conduct a "certification" process every 10 years to ensure that their athletics program is functioning in compliance with the NCAA Operating Principles listed in the Resources Panel on the left hand side. 

NCAA Self-study Report Available Online

This is the final draft of the self-study report submitted January 15, 2009. The subdivisions below correspond to NCAA "operating principles" specified for the self-study, and each section consists of several standard questions and campus responses. Please note that there are several "links" in these documents. If a link does not open immediately when you click on it, please copy and paste it into your Web browser.

Your comments on this report are welcome. Please send comments to:

Dr. Robert Barker
University Controller & Associate VP for 
Financial & Accounting Services
Chair,NCAA Certification Steering Committee




   1.1 - Introduction to Self-Study

Operating Principles:

   Governance and Compliance

   1.1 - Governance

   1.2 - Rules Compliance

   Academic Integrity

   2.1 - Academic Standards  

   2.2 - Academic Support

   Evaluation of Academic Support Services 

   Equity & Student-Athlete Well-Being

   3.1 - Gender Issues    

   3.2 - Minority Issues

   3.3 - Student-Athlete Well-Being

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