Matador Minute with Brooke Doane

March 12, 2010

 How has the season gone so far?

 So far, we've been playing some good matches to warm us up for conference play. We're trying to get some experience in for the younger players. As a team, I think we're doing pretty well.

 What makes an effective doubles player in your opinion?

 "You have to love doubles. Some people don't care as much about it, so they don't learn all the nuances of it. You have to understand the positions on the court and the strategies to doubles and not being scared at the net. You also have to have good communication with your partner."

 What's it been like having three different partners and have such success in your three seasons?

 "It takes time to know your partner. You have to know their tendencies, what calms them down or upsets them. I have been fortunate to have three different players who were very talented. And also very different in their ways."

 What's it been like playing with Nina Jaworowski and Whitney Paluch, your fellow juniors and co-captains?

 "It's been good going knowing that through all hardships, we can lean on each other. We know we're going to experiencing the same things together. All three of us bring different leadership aspects to the table. Nina leads by example. She's a hard worker on and off the court. Whitney is not only a hard worker, but she's great at looking at any adversity from different angles."

 Can you share a funny story about someone on the team?

 "We were being introduced at Cal State Fullerton. Whitney went up to shake the hand of the Fullerton coach and then turned to the Titans accidentally to give them some high fives. She turned back to us, gave us a funny look and then ran back over to our side of the court without high-fiving us."

 What are your thoughts on the freshmen this year?

 "Well, there are a lot of them. They're a good addition to our team. They work hard and are looking to improve their game and hopefully benefit our team. Everyone is very much a team player."

 What have you learned playing for Gary Victor?

 "First thing is that hard work goes a long way in his book. It's not so much about the outcome, but the experience you get out of every match. He also has taught me to have that confidence to believe in myself and my abilities."

 What was it like to pick up your first singles win over a ranked opponent?

 "It was my mom's birthday and I called her during a rain delay. I was down a set having lost a tough one in the tiebreaker and she told me to go out there and win the next two. So I did. I just had the confidence to win in those last two sets. I got used to her heavy spin and played a lot smarter."

 What is your favorite sport to go to at Cal State Northridge?

 "Men's volleyball. Oh, and baseball. Men's volleyball gets exciting. I am a big fan of Ali'i Keohohou, the senior libero. Baseball is a lot of fun. Some of the players are kinda cute, but I'm not sure about the first baseman."

 Where are you hoping to be in 10 years?

 "I hope to be working in the pharmaceutical industry. I am a bio-chemistry major. I really like science and math. I want to apply that to my profession."