Matador Minute With Sarah Kahn-Shamout and Micah Putnam

April 24, 2009

Geoff Herberg: How do you look back on these last four years?
Sarah Kahn-Shamout: It has been a long journey, a long road.
Micah Putnam: I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else.

GH: Micah, you've had a great season thus far. Can you talk about the feeling you get when pick up a big base hit?
MP: When you get a big hit, you can feel it immediately. You just see the ball very well coming off her hip and it looks as big as a beach ball. Your swing almost doesn't feel natural, but you know you got every piece of that ball when it leaves your bat.

GH: Sarah, what does it take to be a great teammate?
SKS: To be a great teammate, you have to understand your team's goals. You have to know where you want to be as a team and where you want to go. I just try and be there in any way I can. If it means a few words, a smile or a pat on the back, I just try and help my team be the best team it can be.

GH: What are your thoughts on these last nine games, including the last home games of your careers?
MP: It's more exciting than anything. I have been watching this happen for the past three years and now it's Kahn and I going out together after coming in together.
SKS: I am going to miss my girls and the friendships we created. Seeing them was the best part of my day everyday. Still, it is exciting to know that with some good results, we could be heading back to postseason play.

GH: What have you learned over last four years?
SKS: When I first got to Northridge, softball ran my life. My days and nights revolved around softball. Coming to CSUN has taught me that there is more to life. I have made some great friends and learned to enjoy my life and not let things consume you.
MP: I think I have learned that softball doesn't define me. All you can do is take each situation and make it what you want. When you play at a high level like this, you find the true meaning of what is important and what is just a game.

GH: What are your plans after softball?
MP: I am graduating in May, getting hitched and moving back to Northern California. I would like to pursue a graduate degree in psychology. I enjoy working with kids and think I would like to try counseling.
SKS: I am also graduating in May and want to become a nurse. I love to help people and nursing is a career that would allow me to do that. I know I have the abilities and skills to make a difference.

GH: What are your thoughts on this year's team?
SKS: I'd say this is probably the best team I've been a part of at CSUN. All the elements are there. We have great team chemistry and everyone is a fighter. We have stuck together throughout the season and I am glad to be a part of it.
MP: I think this has been a good culmination to my playing career. We have all worked very hard to get to postseason. I think going undefeated in the San Diego tournament was as big of a team highlight as I've had in my four years. We all knew what we were playing for.

Sarah Kahn-Shamout

GH: Micah, can you tell us a little about Sarah?
MP: Being roommates our freshmen year and having grown up together over the past four years, I think most people don't realize how feisty Sarah is. I remember once we were playing in a tournament in Las Vegas and I ran into the umpire trying to field a pop fly. Sarah was in right field at the time and she would not stop yelling at the umpire, riding her for not allowing me to catch the ball. Of course, the umpire turned around and yelled right back at her.

GH: And Sarah, what can you tell us about Micah?
SKS: Micah truly is a big thing in a small package. I don't think I could have gotten through the last four years both on and off the field without her. I could not ask for a better friend or teammate. She is such a caring and considerate person.

GH: Micah, you're getting married this summer. How is that going?
MP: I'm getting married to Anthony in October. Sarah is going to be a bridesmaid. Having her in my wedding really helps because we have grown so close over the last four years. I look at my wedding as a competition and it is easier to do so with someone who has been there before and has also been there for some of the most stressful times of life over the last four years.
SKS: I am absolutely looking forward to it. This season may be the end of one thing, but it is the beginning of so many others.