Matador Minute With Tracy Allen

April 14, 2010

 How has the season gone so far?

 Overall, it's gone pretty well. We've had our ups and downs, but we get through them together. This season has brought a lot of changes, but they've been good changes. I feel like everyone has had a lot more fun.

 What makes a successful third baseman?

 Always being ready for the ball and being quick is important. You get a lot of groundballs and that makes you focus on every pitch and every situation. Letting your pitcher know you have their back by being successful with the groundballs hit your way.

 Who's your funniest teammate?

 Amanda Pitzenberger. She has so much energy and always tries to make things positive. She can be goofy or serious, depending on the situation. I don't know what our team would be like without her.

 What does it take to be successful hitting with runners in scoring position?

 Knowing the count and what pitch you are looking for important. It's all about situational hitting.

 What would you like to be doing in five years?

 I'd love to have a successful year. I want to go into the sports and entertainment industry. I'd like to get into sports broadcasting and to be involved in the industry. I want to get an internship in Southern California, so I'll be looking in that direction.

 What's your favorite part of being on the team?

 It takes our whole team to win a game. We have all to come together to accomplish our goals. Everyone, including the coaches, are like my sisters and my family away from home. We are always there for each other, even outside of softball.

 What's the best lesson you ever learned from your parents?

 I think the most important thing they taught me is what it takes to be an adult. They are very supportive and have helped me mature. More than anyone else, they have helped me get to where I am today. Everything I've learned in life I've got from them.

 What are your goals for the rest of the conference season?

 Staying positive is important. Taking one game, one inning and one pitch at a time. Being confident and working together as a team is another thing. We have what it takes to win this thing.

 How have you matured as a player and person since you came to CSUN?

 I've definitely matured. I've learned when there is a right and wrong time to do things, especially with school. I have learned a lot of responsibility when it comes to school, staying on top of everything and getting all my work done.

 What are your summer plans?

 I'll be staying in the San Fernando Valley, working mostly. I'm pursuing my sandwich artist license and also might venture into being a waiter. I'll also be helping Coach Sparrey at the CSUN softball camps. I'll probably find time for a vacation or two as well.

 Who's you favorite baseball team?

 The Angels have always been my favorite. The way the team rallied around the death of Nick Adenhart was inspiring. I saw a lot of heart on that team and in that group.

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