A Matador Minute with Tryna Tafoya

Oct. 3, 2008

Question What are your thoughts heading into this weekend's games with Loyola Marymount and USC?

Answer Every game is a big game for us. We don't like losing. Playing at the defending champs will be a good test and the LMU contest is also a big game. We didn't show too well last weekend and we need to prove that last Sunday was an aberration.

Question Since you have arrived on campus in 2004, you have been a part of 43 (and counting) victories. With the next victory representing the program's 100th all-time victory, how does it feel to know you have been a big part of the program's history?

Answer It is a good feeling, though I am not the only person or reason we got those wins. Lots of women have helped throughout the history of the program and it is nice to know that I helped make history at a school

Question You currently stand tied for second in school history with 10 career assists. What is it about your game that has made you so successful getting teammates involved in the attack?

Answer I think a lot of it has to do with position. Coming down the wing offers me many chances to swing crosses into the forwards and set up promising situations. Even in HS, it always worked out that I had the opportunity to get teammates involved.

Question What is the relationship like between the team's four seniors, especially since you have all been with the program since 2004?

Answer We all get along well, though we all have our quirks. But those things keep us close and help us bond a little more. We have all played for Terry Davila and Keith West and the younger girls can see that we have the experience and also that taking a redshirt is not looked down upon.

Question What are your thoughts heading into your last season of Big West Conference play?

Answer Our league is doing well. With the success everyone seems to be enjoying is going to be that much tougher. Our team thrives off competition and we know that there will be no easy games. I think it helps out to be on road first at Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara because those are tougher places to play.

Question What have you learned both on the pitch and in the classroom since arriving at Northridge?

Answer I have grown a lot being here. I realized that not everything needs to be done in a crunch and that has helped me calm down. This season I had to step up into leadership role and lead our team team. In school, I have learned that everything is rapidly changing and I want to help with that process.

Question What attracted you to majoring in sociology and political science?

Answer For both, I had good teachers that made the subjects interesting and I fell in love with both. I am taking on LSAT on Saturday and am a little nervous because it is a big exam. I would like to be a lawyer, practicing law in sports relations and entertainment.

Question Have there been any players or moments in your time at CSUN that had a big impact on you?

Answer My freshman year, I had the good fortune to play with Brianna Monka. She always approached the game with a fun outlook. She was a good player and had the ability and skill to pull off incredible moves she didn't realize she doing. It gave me the confidence to know not everything has to be planned out.

Question Knowing you are almost done at Northridge, what are your thoughts on the underclassmen and how they will take the program forward?

Answer It's a great feeling to know that we all have those players to step up. There is a good future in store for them. All our rookies, even those taking a redshirt, are doing well and stepping it up knowing they may not be getting playing time.

Question What was your favorite movie of the summer?

Answer It definitely had to be Pineapple Express. I went to see it with some teammates and members of the guys' team not knowing what it was about. It was random and really funny. I really liked James Franco and my favorite scene was when he jumped into the dumpster.

Question With four home games remaining on the schedule, what is your message to the Matador fans?

Answer Although I think a lot of fans have trouble with heat, the team really enjoys having lots of people in the stands to watch us play. It is rewarding to have people and other athletes come out and watch us. We really appreciate it. There is nothing better than having fans in the stands.

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