CSUN Women's Soccer Joins with ASREC to Conduct Team Building Exercises

Aug. 7, 2008

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - Before the perils of the season were thrust upon them, the 2008 Cal State Northridge women's soccer team participated in several team-building exercises with the Associated Students Recreation and Intramurals Department. The Matadors participated in several programs designed to enhance team communication skills with the ASREC staff on Aug. 5.

"The workshop went very well and we had a lot of fun doing it," said senior and team captain Tryna Tafoya. "We have a lot of new girls coming in and the exercises provided us with a great opportunity to get to know each other better before the start of practice. As a captain, it is great to see the team doing more together."

The squad, which was broken up into several groups, participated in drills including one on a circular balance beam in which players had to move around the beam blindfolded without touching the ground. The players also joined forces in a team-ski event, in which four or five girls had to maneuver skis based on communication and cooperation. The team also got the opportunity to scale a rock-climbing wall.

Evan Gyrorkos, the ASREC Intramural Coordinator, hopes the activities will improve the team's communication skills.

"We try to focus our exercises on building communication between the players," said Gyrokos. "I thought the women's soccer team was very outgoing, especially as the day moved along. At first, it was easy to identify the freshman because they were subdued in communicating ideas with their teammates, but by the end of the session, they were very vocal and assuming leadership roles."

Gyrokos led several groups in an activity entitled "minefield," one in which players partnered up in order to help each other traverse a distance blindfolded using only the directions of their partner to find the mines scattered around the area.

The activity was such a success that other programs are turning to the exercises as part of their preseason workouts. Gyrokos added that the women's volleyball team would be participating in many of the same activities next week.

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