CSUN's Flowers Splash Down as Part of #Chillin4Charity Promotion

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. ---

CSUN women's basketball head coach Jason Flowers accepted the challenge of his professional peers and participated in the 2014 #Chillin4Charity "Cold Water Challenge," in front of Oviatt Library this week. The event, started by coaches at the University of Arizona, is designed to help raise money for breast cancer awareness as part of the Kay Yow Fund. 

The rules are simple. A coach calls you out before they receive an ice water shower. You then have 48 hours to respond by taking on the cold water challenge yourself.  

Head coaches that fail to do so owe the Kay Yow Foundation $250. Assistants owe $100. If a coach answers the bell, the challenging head coach owes $50; $25 for assistants.

All proceeds go to the Kay Yow Foundation, helping raise awareness for breast cancer and funds for research.

In the video, Flowers sloshes down a slip and slide before succumbing to a torrential downpour of icy tears. He was challenged by Texas State assistant coach Brandy Manning.

He also offers up his own challenges, encouraging several friends and former teammates to the quest. That included ESPN college basketball analyst Sean Farnham, St. John's men's basketball head coach Steve Lavin, Los Angeles Clipper Ryan Hollins, Seattle University men's basketball head coach Cameron Dollar and comedian Kevin Hart.

In fact, both of CSUN's Coach Flowers participated in the event. CSUN softball head coach Tairia Flowers accepted the challenge of UCLA head coach Kelly Inouye-Perez and gathered the entire family for the drenching. Joining Flowers at Matador Diamond were daughter Trystin, son Jayce and daughter Jasmine.

The softball Flowers challenged former Arizona standout Jenny Finch, CSUN softball Director of Operations Natasha Watley and singer Beyonce before taking the icy plunge. 

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