CSUN-Cal Poly Postgame Quotes

Oct. 25, 2008

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Sophomore Camilo Rojas, F

On his near miss at the end of the second half:

“It was unfortunate. I don’t if I was offsides or not. I thought both my chances were ok. There was one play where I was off and Sunghyun Kim onside and we didn’t get the call our way.”

On how the team’s play has progressed in 2008:

“At the beginning of the season, we were pumped. We are still pumped, but have had some people fall due to injuries and cards. We are still the same as we were in beginning. We just need to get points and try to go to the Big West playoffs.

On getting a tie against Cal Poly:

“We had a couple of opportunities, but we really wanted to get the three points at home. It was a fair match and we’ll see them for sure again if we both are in the playoffs. Our hope is that we get there and we are playing well enough to get there.

On the upcoming match against UC Santa Barbara:

“Every match is a big match. We just need to be able to get points and that just puts a little more pressure on us to get those three points against UC Santa Barbara. We are going to come out and battle like we always do. It is a rivalry. It is always a big game for us when we play Santa Barbara.”

Junior Moy Gomez, F

On his return to the pitch:

“I feel good. I wouldn’t be out here if I didn’t feel like I could go. I would like to earn Coach Davila’s trust little by little and get some more time out there. It was definitely a test. I had a good practice on Thursday and demonstrate to the coaches that I was fit for a game. I am grateful for the time I played today.”

Northridge Head Coach Terry Davila

On the flow of the game:

“I felt like we had the first 25 minutes of action. They responded well in the middle of the game, but I felt like we had the last part of the game. We both created great opportunities to win the game. These were two even teams going at it. Kevin Guppy came big for us.”

On the upcoming game against UC Santa Barbara:

“It used to be that the Santa Barbara was the big game in the Big West Conference, but it’s not like that any more. Every game is as big as the Santa Barbara game. I have a lot of respect for the coaches in this league, they do a great job recruiting and preparing their teams. It is exciting. Every match is tough. It is an honor to play in this league.”

Senior Kevin Guppy, GK

On the team’s performance against Cal Poly:

“Playing at home, it is was tough to not get the result we wanted. However, we played solid defense and posted another shutout. We were very disciplined on defense today.”

On his saves against the Mustangs:

“We work a lot in practice on those quick reaction situations in practice. Because of that, making saves, even the tough ones, just become second nature.”