CSUN Soccer Conducts Youth Clinic for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students


A group of CSUN students, student-athletes, and coaches conducted a soccer clinic for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at The Marlton School in South Los Angeles on Friday, May 9. Ninety-five students of elementary and middle school age were taught the fundamentals of the game at different drill stations on the play field at Marlton. 

Among the drills were passing, dribbling, shooting, and teamwork. Before the clinic began, CSUN Head Men's Soccer Coach Terry Davila spoke to the students through an ASL interpreter.

"I want you to remember that the most important thing is to go to college," Davila relayed to the kids. "If you learn anything today, it's that there are so many opportunities after high school."

After the drills the students played a game, giving them a chance to showcase the skills they were taught.

"We're very proud of this event and our partnership with The Marlton School," said Ryan Swartwood, assistant athletic director for administration at CSUN.

The four student volunteers that participated are also members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, adding the extra layer of importance to the clinic for the school's faculty and staff. 

"This clinic means so much because it gives our students an opportunity to get involved in a sport they may not have had an opportunity in their own communities to get involved in," said Principal Cara Fields. "To see them involved with college students and to get that love and support from CSUN means the world. You can see that from the students that came with their soccer gear on today, they have a love for the sport.

"I think with bringing all of these students from the campus from CSUN that are involved in soccer, it gives our students something to look up to," added Fields. "It makes them think if they can do that, I can do that. Especially the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students that were here, I think that means worlds to them. They're always looking for that connection. So, by having those students here with all the other college students, I think that it gives them a great example of what that future life would be like."

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