Allan Guei - A Champion On-and-Off The Court

July 6, 2011

Compton, Calif. - A true champion is someone who exhibits great strength on-the-court as well as being a model citizen off-the-court.

Matador fans ... meet incoming Matador freshman recruit Allan Guei.

Guei, during the Spring of 2011, signed a national letter of intent with Cal State Northridge. The 5-foot-9, 160-pound guard from Compton High School averaged 20.1 points, five rebounds and four assists per game in helping his team to a 21-11 record.

Matador head coach Bobby Braswell likes the overall character of the Matador recruit. "Allan is a player who makes great decision," said Braswell. "Allan has great leadership qualities on the court. He is a young man of great character who people respect."

It was Guei's integrity and character off-the-court that has earned him the ultimate respect off all sports fans. Back in March, Guel participated in a free throw contest (Compton Free Throw) that was created by Court Crandall, an advertising executive and screenwriter who was also making a documentary to "dispel some of the negative stereotypes associated with the city of Compton."

Crandall's and his advertising firm raised $75,000 with $40,000 for the grand prize.

Guei qualified for the contest along with seven other Compton students who were chosen from a group of 80 seniors who chalked up at least a 3.0 grade point average.

Guei won the contest.

Then the story really gets interesting. At last month's Compton graduation ceremony, Guei said the $40,000 first prize would be dispersed to the other seven students who competed in the free throw contest to help finance their college education.

"They were all smart and wanted to pursue their dreams, but were having financial difficulties," Guei told the Los Angeles Times. "I felt it was the right move to help the others, especially when everything else was taking off for me."

Some of the students who will be receiving the scholarship money will be the first in their families to attend college. Each student will receive around $5,500.

"It was a shock," said Omar Guzman, who finished second in the free throw competition and who plans on attending San Diego State University. "I'm really grateful there are people like that out there. It was generous."

Guei's story has gained the attention of not only the local media but also the national media as well. The long list of interviews included a 10-minute interview on ESPN's national morning show, First Take, on Wednesday morning (7/6/11).

"I'm leaning towards business," when Guei was asked about his future goals. "I like being the boss."

Well done, Allan !!!