The Calm Before the Storm

Jan. 25, 2010

Coach Rousey talks about his team during the 2010 Southern California Easton Baseball Media Day

Listen to what other Southern California baseball coaches have to say about their team

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - With the start of the 2010 season just a few weeks away, baseball coaches from Southern California traveled to the ESPN Zone in Anaheim to participate in the Southern California edition of the Easton California College Baseball Media Day.

In conjunction with Easton, the ESPN Zone held their Second Annual Baseball Coaches Cooking Challenge which gave all coaches in attendance an opportunity to exhibit their culinary skills.

During last year's Challenge, coaches were asked to create as creative and flavorful a pasta dish as possible; this year the assembled chefs had a variety of ingredients to choose from and were asked to create a main dish in 20 minutes or less.

After earning Best Creativity honors last time, chef/coach Rousey decided to create a fajita entree for the judges in attendance.

"Why should I force you to eat what I want you to when you can just assemble a meal that reflects what you want to eat," explained Rousey when interviewed by José Mota, radio broadcaster for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim who served as the master of ceremonies for the event.

Throughout the event, a number of media members were in attendance to speak with the collection of coaches who braved the rainy conditions and made the trek from their respective campus to Downtown Disney where the ESPN Zone is located.

Roger Lodge, host of the Sports Lodge radio show on KLAA 830 AM broadcasted live from the event, crews from KTLA Channel 5 offered live "look-ins" during the morning hours, while Eric Sorenson from had an opportunity to interview coaches one-on-one about their respective teams.

When all was said and done, a number of coaches walked away with extra hardware due to their culinary success.

Coach Dave Serrano (CSU-Fullerton) took home the Best Creativity award while fellow Big West colleagues Bob Brontsema (UC Santa Barbara) and Larry Lee (Cal Poly) erned Best Presentation and Best Taste respectively.

Pepperdine head coach Steve Rodriguez was awarded the honor of Top Chef with USC coach Chad Kreuter earning the Dugout Low Scorer award.