CSUN Baseball to Participate in First Ever Online Tutoring Program


To kick off the New Year, a number of student-athletes in the Cal State Northridge baseball program will have an opportunity to participate in the new Online Tutoring Program Pilot starting in January 2014. The team will work with Andrea Hernandez, the Tutoring Coordinator for the Matador Achievement Center, to prepare for the program in the spring semester.

This is a great opportunity for student-athletes to have access to a tutor when they are on the road for their competitive seasons.

Through the Online Tutoring Program, student-athletes will be able to speak with a tutor via video or instant message using their laptops, smartphones, or iPads. This will be very helpful for student-athletes who have questions on their studies while away from campus for competition. Student-athletes participating in the pilot will work with Hernandez on setting a tutoring schedule in conjunction with their Spring travel schedule.

One of the great features of the program is that tutoring sessions will be recorded, allowing student-athletes to go back and review the information after the session is over. Tutors will also be able to share files and use a virtual "whiteboard" to demonstrate concepts and ideas.

Head coach Greg Moore is excited for the pilot program, stating, "Imagine sitting down for a tutoring session from any hotel or coffee shop. The versatility and effectiveness of this new program allows our players to utilize the dynamic academic support here at CSUN. Tutoring is as complete on the road and as it is at home."