CSUN Baseball Begins 41-Day Challenge


In anticipation of the start of the 2014 season, the Cal State Northridge baseball program recently embarked on a 41-day challenge. The challenge encourages student-athletes and coaches in the program to add something useful or eliminate an aspect of their lifestyle over the 41-day period.

From dedicating a little time each day to read a great American novel to pledging to be more level headed during adversity, the Matadors are working toward their goal of enriching their lives and the lives of those around them. The challenge is based on the concept of building success through repetition and translates in the Matadors' ability to learn and improve on and off the field each day.

"Some guys are working on stretching each day and one is committed to having a conversation with a new person every day," said senior pitcher John Salas. "The challenge is to discpline ourselves and give ourselves a goal."

Salas, who challenged himself to incorporate a healthier diet into his daily life, knows that it is up to each individual to remain motivated in order to see results on the field during the season. 

"We are going to be gone for a month [over Winter Break], and this is a reminder while we are away to stay focused," added Salas. "The challenge is player-driven and the responsibility is our own. When we come back we are going to have to be disciplined because the work starts on the first day."

The challenge will take the Matadors through the winter break and end on the first practice day of the spring (January 15), preparing them for the beginning of the 2014 season in the middle of February. Updates and spotlights during the 41-day challenge will be posted online at GoMatadors.com. Fans, friends and family are encouraged to join in on the 41-Day Challenge and share their stories with CSUN Baseball on Facebook and Twitter (@CSUNBaseball).