Getting to Know: Baseball Signee Don Sullivan


Cal State Northridge baseball head coach Greg Moore announced a signing class of 10 student-athletes for the 2014-15 season in November. One of those signees is Don Sullivan, a left-handed pitcher from Upland, Calif.

He is regarded as one of the top pitchers in the Orange Coast Conference for Riverside Community College. Sullivan threw 22 innings last spring with a 0.83 ERA. sat down with Don to get his thoughts about becoming a Matador, life, school and everything in between…..
What was your first impression of CSUN when you began to be recruited?
The first thing that came to mind was I'm going to play for a school that can compete for a College World Series title. I was aware that the 9 out of 10 losses to end the season last year eliminated them from the regionals.
What can you say about the Cal State Northridge Baseball coaching staff?
I can honestly say these guys are committed to playing baseball on the highest level collegiately. All of them were established where they were previously but came to CSUN with one objective: to win. That's what impressed me most about our coaching staff. Also they're very big on player development, that's very key!
What's your first memory of Cal State Northridge?
Walking into the gymnasium and seeing my future teammates doing yoga on a Friday afternoon in early fall.
What do you love most about the sport of baseball?
What I like most about baseball is what the game has taught me. The game has taught me to always be humble and focused no matter what I do in life. It also has taught me that teamwork and hard work go hand in hand. The game also has taught me about commitment and respect. I've learned to respect decisions even if I don't agree with them. One more important thing I've learned is to always encourage and lift up my teammates.
If you weren't playing baseball, what sport(s) would you be playing?
Definitely basketball, I love the game and I believe with a few months of training I could walk on and play on Coach Theus' team and be a pretty good three-point shooter!
What kinds of things do you like to do away from the field?
I enjoy being around my family and friends most, I also like going to church and getting my praise on! I enjoy going to the movies and playing video games with my brother whenever I have time, it brings back memories of us growing up. I like to keep a check on my younger siblings to make sure they're on track to become successful. I still love going to dinner with my family.
When you attend CSUN, what do you intend to major in and why?
Business management and administration. My dad told me if I work half as hard for myself as I would for someone else I would be very successful. I've always held on to that concept and majoring in business would allow me to achieve exactly what I was told.
If professional baseball doesn't work out, what do you aspire to do after college?
I feel that with a degree in business I will always be able to excel in business and be successful. However, after playing for some of these great coaches I have thought about teaching and coaching. I feel if you get to children early enough you can make an impact on their lives forever.
Are you involved in the community? If so, what have you done?
I'm active in my church and I volunteer at my old high school for the basketball team. I've also helped with the teams my younger brother has played on.
What's the best advice you've ever been given and by whom?
My father told me to Always trust in God. Never be afraid to fail, and if at first you don't succeed try and try again.
Do you have any pre-game superstitions? If so, what are they?
Pray, clear my head, listen to music, and get in my zone!
What number have you worn in high school? Does it have any significance to you?
Numbers 8 and 24. Those are both Kobe Bryant's numbers. I just felt if I worked as hard as Kobe I could be the best in my specialty.
If you could meet any three people, dead or alive, who would they be?
My great grandfather, Dr. George Alvin Gaikins, M.D. Kobe Bryant, and Floyd Mayweather.

What is your favorite pre-game meal?
Chicken with a baked potato and salad.

What is your favorite pre-game music?
R&B and hip hop.
If you could visit one country you've never been to, what would that be and why?
England, I've always wanted to visit the Royal Palace.
Who was your favorite athlete growing up?
Kobe Bryant, hands down!
What is your favorite baseball team?
I do not have one. I just enjoy baseball, however, I pull for all California teams.
What sporting event would you most like to see the most?
Lakers versus anyone!
What's the most important thing Cal State Northridge fans should know about you?
That I'm going there to get an education and help my team win and become a better person on and off the field.

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