Matador Diamond


Matador Diamond, with a seating capacity of 1,000, is the site of all home CSUN softball games.

It is located on the CSUN campus, parallel to Zelzah Avenue and between Plummer and Lassen Streets.

The facility has enjoyed numerous renovations and additions in recent years. In 2005, a press box and permanent bleachers were added, as well as a new backstop. In 2003, a warning track was added to the outfield, as well as padding to the outfield wall to protect the safety of players. In 1997, CSUN introduced stadium-style sunken dugouts. Matador Diamond also received a facelift with the addition of new sod behind home plate and in front of the dugouts.

In 1996, the Matadors unveiled a state-of-the-art scoreboard, complete with graphic display capabilities as well as lighted inning-by-inning runs and team names.

CSUN began playing at Matador Diamond in 1982. The Matadors claimed their first victory in the facility with a 23-0 triumph over Loyola Marymount on Feb. 25, 1982.

Matador Diamond features a concession stand, three batting cages and a storage facility for equipment. The playing surface of Matador Diamond includes an all dirt infield consisting of decomposed granite, crushed brick and sand. The outfield is natural grass. Matador Diamond's dimensions are 200 feet down the right field line, 200 feet down the left field line and 220 feet to straight away center field.

Matador Diamond has been the site of three NCAA Division I Softball Regionals. In 1993, the Matadors hosted the No. 2 Regional, followed by the No. 3 Regional in 1994 and the No. 4 Regional in 1995.

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