CSUN Student-Athletes Extend Helping Hand in the Community

Northridge, Calif. – Cal State Northridge student-athletes are busy people year around.

Not only do they compete at the highest collegiate level (NCAA Division I), Matador student-athletes work hard in the classroom to achieve their goals of being a well-rounded person who not only compete on the field but in the classroom in pursuit of a college degree.

CSUN student-athletes also donate precious time to extend their talents in the community. Their responsibilities include holding numerous clinics for young kids. They also go out into the community to preach the value of a going to school, working hard in the classroom, working towards a college degree, and eventually becoming productive members of their community.

Recently, various Matador team members from a variety of Cal State Northridge athletic teams came together for a morning of fun and sport at the “Northridge Games” in support of helping “Special Kids.”

“One of the goals was to have our student-athletes gather together to provide a supportive environment for students with special needs,” said Janet Pinneau, Associate Athletic Director/SWA.

Skills in basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and track & field were taught by numerous Cal State Northridge student-athletes.

“The primary focus was focused on everyone participating and everybody being a winner,” said Pinneau. “Mission accomplished.”
The CSUN Student-Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) coordinated their efforts with Jacques Hays, a local community organizer and owner of Award Winners, who donated trophies for each of the participants.