Comedian Bernie McGrenahan To Give Informative, Inspirational, Funny Message On Alcohol Awareness

Comedian Bernie McGrenahan To Give Informative, Inspirational, Funny Message On Alcohol Awareness
NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - On Wednesday, March 21st Cal State Northridge Intercollegiate Athletics and the Klotz Student Health Center are co-sponsoring comedian Bernie McGrenahan at the University Student Union in the Northridge Center at 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. McGrenahan is a well-known comedian who discusses the impacts of alcohol abuse in a comedic way that students understand.

McGrenahan is in the midst of an "educational alcohol awareness tour" in which he shares his insight to the "number one substance abuse problem on school campuses today." His tour is titled, "Happy Hour Comedy" and is an hour-long show featuring 30 minutes of comedy and 30 minutes of an inspirational message in which he will address many of the experiences and situations that students will face in college ranging from the 21 birthday shots to peer pressure.

McGrenahan is seen as quite the expert because he has first hand experience with high risk drinking and partying. He is able to offer support as he specializes in reaching the problem drinker and offering them certain patterns and habits that will help overcome abuse to this growing problem. His first hand experiences with alcohol abuse allows McGrenahan a unique perspective on alcohol abuse. The NCAA and the Cal State Northridge Athletic Department endeavor to find different approaches when discussing such a pressing issue.

Janet Pinneau, Assistant Athletic Director/Student Services at Cal State Northridge, said, "We are happy to bring in such a dynamic speaker for a topic that gets such negative press. As part of the CHAMPS/Life Skills educational program, we are always looking for speakers with a unique approach to delivering such an important message."

The NCAA Challenging Athlete's Minds for Personal Success (CHAMPS) program is designed to provide student athletes with a complete developmental program that promotes such endeavors as academic success, healthy choices, community involvement, equity, etc.

In addition to having Bernie McGrenahan on campus, Intercollegiate Athletics is also taking part in the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" March to raise funds for rape awareness, sexual assault, and gender violence. The "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" March takes place on April 28th in conjunction with the Valley Trauma Counseling Center. The Valley Trauma Center is a non-profit organization that works with victims, and survivors, of rape, sexual assault, and gender violence in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.